Friday, January 29, 2010

Free Sample of Glass Cleaner

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Adventure playsets: sold from 1/2004-12/2007

Samsung over the range microwave: sold from 1/2009-7/2009

Haier 500-watt blender: sold 11/2006-10/2009

Rock your workout - For Free!
subscribe to the podcast updates via iTunes or download the mixes you want....choose how long your workout is, type of workout (elliptical, treadmill, etc.) then download to your ipod or other device or computer. Very Cool!

Get Fit - For Free

Here are some free websites that will help you get fit for free: - learn new toning and exercise moves - online journal that lets you keep track of your food for the day and tabulates the calories, fat, carbs, protien, fiber and measures you against the RDA. - Pro tips and videos

Tax Time! Some money saving tips

1. Refund debit cards: Before accepting your refund on any debit card check out if there are any fees associated. Some charge $1.00 per month for as long as you have a balance on the card and others charge up to a monthly fee of $4.95. Beware of atm cash withdrawl charges as well.

2. Refund anticipation loans: AKA Instant Refunds. These are short term loans that can have high interest rates attached.

3. Extra Fees: Processing fees, document prep fees, service fees...this is what you are paying a preparer to do in the first place, there should not be any additional fees! Ask for the fee schedule up front before you get started.